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Abyss Station : Arrival

Abyss Station - Part One: Arrival Cover

Hello Human Subject #EUSA31-4320,
It's 17:45, on a Sunday, the date is 3600-12-10.
And you're one of the lucky few to acquire a ticket into the abyss.
You are currently aboard a transfer shuttle; thousands of light-years from Earth.

For the past 500 years, you have been asleep.
Waking up from cryostasis has been awfully dreadful.
You've lost, what seems to have been, half a millennium old lunch.
But, ignoring the ringing in your ears and pounding migraine, you're alright.

Transfer shuttle #EUSA31 is preparing for docking.
You look out the view-port & Abyss Station is in view.
This station was constructed round a black-hole, who knows how.

#EUSA31 has docked.
You make your way towards the exit.
Coming out of Gate #31USA, you enter a lobby.
In your periphery you notice signs... warning signs.

Switching between hundreds of languages.
The most prominent one declares:

Welcome to Abyss Station. Watch your step. We claim no responsibility for spaghettification of any being. Especially humans.

In the distance, you hear a voice shouting.
"Subject #4320, Subject #4320; Your attendant is waiting."

To be continued…

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