Erin Bern

Abyss Station : Initiation (W.I.P)

You head towards the voice & meet up with two people.
An android and a Human.

The human says their name is Azov & the android identifies itself as Fern.

Azov gestures for you to follow. You follow them.
Y'all enter an enormous hallway, which is covered in artwork from various worlds.

Most prominent is a painting of a giant squid wrapping its tendrils around a shuttle.
A metaphor for escaping the entrapment of a black hole.

Upon reaching the hallway end, Azov opens a door.

“These are your quarters. Orientation is at 05:00. Don't be late.”

Fern makes some beeping noises & enters your quarters.
Azov leaves you & goes to greet the other initiates.

Your quarters contain a small desk, a bed & a waste-room.
Upon your desk, there's a Quantum Entanglement Communicator (QEC).
You spend the rest of your waking hours browsing the old web and listening to Lo-Fi.

One capsule which piques your interest is called Wandering the Cosmos.
You read ship logs until your eyes can no longer stay open & you fall asleep.


Your alarm wakes you up at the scheduled time.
You get dressed & head to the door with Fern following.

Fern displays a holographic map of the station.
On the map, there's a green arrow where you are & a red dot for your destination; the initiation room.

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