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 Erin's Personal Log - #005      Title: Eerily Quiet Internet                      Time : 2022-01-16 19:30
 JAN 16 EERILY QUIET INTERNET (Fiction-post. Or is it?)

It's Sunday evening; something feels aloof.
Currently, the time is 19:16. And I'm performing my daily crawl of the interwebs.
Data is flowing, hundreds & hundreds of terabytes are flowing. But something is off. Very off...
Human-to-human interaction has slowed to a crawl. Twitter, Facebook, etc. Are still generating content of course. Whether that content is organic or artificial has yet to be determined.
Time still moves forward. Ultimately, the clock will strike 00:00. And again; the cycle will begin.
Perhaps the Dead Internet Theory is true. Perhaps we do live in a Potemkin Village. Perhaps... we'll never know.
Many things were supposed to happen today. Are they happening right now? Have they happened? Will they happen? Who knows.
The sun has already said goodbye. Nothing can be heard in the void. Not even a childs' cry.
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 Erin's Personal Log - #004      Title: Updates & stuff                            Time : 2022-01-04 19:30

Wew, hello again!
Long time no-see... Many things have happened.
I've finally gotten off the street & have been in an apt for 7 months or so. Ignoring 3 months as a roomie with a decent person. I have a job now at Amazon... I'm also learning how to play the Ukulele & Native American flute! I'm slow in learning them... but, I'm managing. I have a seeming lack of motivation it seems. I've distro hopped tons since my last post. I've mostly settled on W11 & Elementary OS.
I'm also soon to begin working on acquiring my GED. Which I'm fairly happy about. In response to my previous post about the crimes taken against me. I've received no extra information since then. And have stopped caring about it. I'm slowly learning how to be a human... It's hard. But, eventually I'll get the hang of it. I've slowed down in my acquiring of tech skills & have decided to move into music related ones. It's something I care about dearly. I'm inspired by someone I consider family & my friends. It's like rewriting my entire being from the ground up :'D That is all for now. TTYL. =^w^= ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Author : Erin Bern © 2022 -Go to navbar- -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
 Erin's Personal Log - #003      Title: Distro-Hopping Madness                     Time : 2020-12-18 12:10


Hello again! I've fallen into a trap; a very large trap!
Recently, I've been trying to figure out which Linux distro is good-for-me. This...is a bit of an addiction. For some reason, no distro is even enough... even the vanilla Arch & Debian distros. Something, somewhere, somehow breaks. Be it a Wi-Fi driver, screen-tearing, broken mouse gestures & so on. It's always something. When I finally get a distro working the way I want I get the urge to hop again... I can't understand why... However, there's always something bothering me. I have found some useful tools I shall not stop using for the foreseeable future. Phetch, Paru & many other wonderful pieces of software. And I eventually figured out how to fix mouse gestures on Arch... Only to forget how I fixed them the next time they break. It's an endless cycle; I should say I want it to end... But, for some reason; I wish for it to continue. Constant tinkering & figuring out how things work & how I can make them work the way I want them to.
After I get bored with Arch (or something breaks again) I hop to Ubuntu, then Manjaro, then *shudders* Windows... One thing I've stayed on steadily is Trisquel on my old Gateway laptop. It seems to work the way I want it to. It is a pain to not use proprietary software; I am getting the hang of it though. And after removing the god-awful default terminal; installing cool-retro-term in its place I feel at home on this distro. Especially the LibreOffice Suite. I adore that collection of software tools. I may hop my way over to LaTeX soon as that seems to be a better option for me; have to learn the keyboard-sh- ortcuts beforehand though. Currently, I'm using Notepadqq as my text-editor EVERYWHERE. I may switch to Vim... although the past nostalgia for Notepad++ is holding me back. *laughs*
Also, I've a complaint about QuteBrowser one which I've been attempting to use. Where is the sync function!? I know it's not particularly built for that & I could just copy over my book-mark files manually. But, c'mon... help the normie out here :'D
I've also been exploring different ways of communicating via video & text messaging. Jami, Jitsi & Signal finally have good enough features for me to use group video chat. I do wish Jitsi was encrypted; they seem to be working on that. I shall wait patiently for that feature to be released. Furthermore, I don't feel comfortable using video-chat software if everything is technically viewable. Same goes for most open-source video-chat software. Signal is doing well; the phone-number aspect doesn't bother me as much as it does others... But, if Session (Signal Alternative) gets stickers, voice-messages, video-chat & a better UX I will likely switch to using it instead.
Well, that's all folks. My brain is currently thinking about Yuri & Shoujo-Ai, so I'll be off. Unless someone wants me to write a blog-post about my favourite yuri anime. (I will; don't tempt me) ~Adiaŭ Amikojn! ;3c ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Author : Erin Bern © 2020 -Go to navbar- -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
 Erin's Personal Log - #002      Title: Nov 9, 4 Assailants | Birthday             Time : 2020-11-19 13:01


Today (Nov, 19) is my birthday; unsure how to feel about becoming another year older >.<
Anyway~ Happy birthday to me! *laughs* Let's get started shall we? On Novembre 9 I was jumped by four individuals as I was making my way towards a train station.
This blog-post will describe in detail the events as they occurred for personal record.
Novembre 9 : ~20:28-20:35 | I was making my way down from the SPB towards the west bound train near Director Park. As I passed the old theatre an individual shouted something at me; unsure what they said, I responded with "What!?" in hope they repeated what they said. They responded with "Do you have any bud?" I said no. I continued walking towards the station; one of the ind ividuals walked adjacent to me & went around one of the buildings in the park near Yamahill. They again asked me for bud; when I said no, they asked if I had any cigarettes. I said no aga in; continuing to walk towards station. The individual then asked me what time it was. *I knew something was about to go down; you never pull out your phone at night when someone asks what time it is.* I said : "Around 8:32(20:32)" Them : "You sure?" Me : "I dunno; prolly". As I co ntinued walking about the middle of the sidewalk one of the individuals ran in front of me & got on an electric scooter & made a snake pattern in front of me as to prevent me from contin uing forward. (That scooter was likely purposely placed where it was, and they've likely done this before based on how it went down)
I was hit in the back of the head with someones fist. I saw a flash. (looked kinda like lightning) And I blacked out for a split-second. Four individuals then punched me in the head & upper body until I fell to the ground; as I was trying to get up, they were kicking me as well. I made my way (s till being beaten) towards the station to make sure the individuals were caught on camera & I was thr own onto the tracks by one of them. Most of them ran away towards the eastbound train. The one that w as left I was going to confront but they hit me in the nose before I could become steady. Then they l eft. I walked back to the place I was attacked & gathered my things; my phones (iPhone XR, Pixel 3a) were stolen by the individuals & as were my glasses (or possibly destroyed). I got on the train immed iately & made my way to the shelter I'm staying at & they called the police for me. I described the e vents to the police officer & went to the hospital via ambulance (luckily I wasn't hurt too seriously ) a day later after giving the information to the officer & I came back to shelter the officer return ed both my phones to me. They were unable to find my glasses unfortunately. I have been without my gl asses ever since. I have handed all the information I could recall to the court & the individuals inv olved were all minors. On felony charges; three were held for detention & one was released on electro nic monitoring. (I wish all four were held; oh well) I listened to the preliminary hearing & haven't received any more information since. When I do I will add another blog-post. I won't be sharing their names (as they were minors) I will say however; they knew what they were doing & have done it before. They also jumped another individual besides me after they got off the eastbound train. And took that individuals tablet (I am unsure if their device was returned as well). ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Author : Erin Bern © 2020 -Go to navbar- -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
 Erin's Personal Log - #001      Title: Hello World!                               Time : 2020-11-03 18:30


This is my first log entry. Not much to say other than hello! I will be using these logs to document things I like doing! And occasionally I shall share things I'm working on Hope you enjoy them. I know I enjoy making them :3
At the moment I'm learning how to use Kakoune & many terminal based programmes; it's hard... But, I have wonderful people helping me out & showing me the way of the force! *giggles* I shall prevail! =OwO= ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Author : Erin Bern © 2020 -Go to navbar- -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------