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Cutie Curios: Pusheen & More

Growing up, I was never introduced to cutie-curios such as Pusheen, Simon's Cat, Hello Kitty, etc.

Being from a *highly* religious household.
At home, the only books available, consisted of the Bible & religious literature.

A few curios were available to me, however.
Winnie-the-Pooh, The Land Before Time, Heathcliff(?) & a few others.
All of which, I was introduced to while in public school. Which wasn't often.

Now that I'm an adult, free from the clutches of religious bigots & forced readings of cultist literature… I can explore.

Here are my current favourites so far:

First up, Pusheen! =^・^=
Pusheen is a heckin' cute kitty, born within the minds of Claire Belton & Andrew Duff. Pusheen is a brown~ish cartoon & chunky kitty. Stickers on many apps are available.
My personal favourites are the animated ones.

Secondly, Pepper & Carrot!
Made by David Revoy & translated by the community.
Pepper & Carrot is a webcomic about Pepper & her orange kitty Carrot.
Whimsical adventures, magic, beautiful environments & stubborn witches.
The comic is a lovely read & I'm always delighted when new episodes come out.

Thirdly & Finally, MicroSFF.
Science Fiction in a short-story format.
Usually, if not always, Tweet/Toot sized.
These are heart-warming & beautiful short-stories.
Made by O. Westin; have helped me get through a lot.

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