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4-Die Chess: A New Kind of Chess

Based on constructive criticism from HN & other sites; a revision with clarifications and improvements is in progress. - 2022-08-15 -

Recently, my partner and I had the desire to play board games.
We thought that adding additional complexity to chess would be fun.

Most rules of original chess are retained.
Some alterations were made.

The rules are as follows:

  • Game Beginning

    • Each Player rolls a 4 sided die.
    • The player who rolls the highest, goes first.
      • If both players roll the same, a coin-flip is used to determine a re-roll or if the turn goes to the other player.
  • Game Play

    • Each player rolls the die, and the number is the amount of turns each player has.

    • Kings can take each other out with an en-passant.

      • Only if both kings are the last pieces on the board.
    • Except for the king and queen, every piece, once it reaches the opposite board end, can upgrade to a higher piece.

    • If a king is within its starting row, it can castle with both rooks.

      • A king can no longer castle after leaving the starting row.
    • If both kings are the only pieces left; a pawn can be resurrected upon a king reaching the opposite end of the board.

      • The pawn will “spawn” in its original starting position.
  • Game End

    • The rest of a piece's moves are forfeited if a check is obtained.
      • Other pieces can move, baring obtaining another check.
      • A king cannot be removed from play in the same turn.
        • The opposing player has 1-turn to defend, or remove, the king from danger.
    • A game is concluded by check-mate or permanent stalemate.
    • If there are less than 3 pieces per player, the active player can fold/forfeit a turn to end the game.

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