Erin Bern

Distro-Hopping Madness

Hello again! I've fallen into a trap; a very large trap!

I have been trying to determine which Linux distribution would be the best fit for me.

This, I must admit, is an addiction.
For some reason, no distro is even enough... even the vanilla Arch & Debian distros.

Something, somewhere, somehow fails.
It could be a driver for a Wi-Fi network, broken mouse gestures, screen tearing, or something else.
It's always something. When I finally get a distribution working the way I want, I get the urge to switch again.

I can't understand why...
However, there is something that continues to bother me.
I have discovered several useful tools that I will continue to use for the foreseeable future.

Phetch, Paru & many other wonderful pieces of software.\ And I eventually figured out how to fix mouse gestures on Arch...
Only to forget how I fixed them the next time they break.\ It's an endless cycle; I should say I want it to end...\ But, for some reason; I wish for it to continue. Constant tinkering & figuring out how things work & how I can make them work the way I want them to.

After I get bored with Arch (or something breaks again) I hop to Ubuntu, then Manjaro, then shudders Windows…

One thing I've stayed on steadily is Trisquel on my old Gateway laptop. It seems to work the way I want it to.

It is a pain to not use proprietary software; I am getting the hang of it though.

And after removing the god-awful default terminal; installing cool-retro-term in its place, I feel at home on this distro.

Especially the LibreOffice Suite.
I adore that collection of software tools.
I may hop my way over to LaTeX soon as that seems to be a better option for me; have to learn the keyboard-shortcuts beforehand though.

Currently, I'm using Notepadqq as my text-editor EVERYWHERE.
I may switch to Vim… although the past nostalgia for Notepad++ is holding me back. laughs

Also, I've a complaint about QuteBrowser one which I've been attempting to use.

Where is the sync function!?\ I know it's not particularly built for that…
I could just copy over my book-mark files manually.
But, c'mon… help the normie out here :'D

I've also been exploring different ways of communicating via video & text messaging.

Jami, Jitsi & Signal finally have good enough features for me to use group video chat.

I do wish Jitsi was encrypted; they seem to be working on that.
I shall wait patiently for that feature to be released.

Furthermore, I don't feel comfortable using video-chat software if everything is technically viewable.

The same goes for most open-source video-chat software.\ Signal is doing well; the phone-number aspect doesn't bother me as much as it does others…

But, if Session (Signal Alternative) gets stickers, voice-messages, video-chat & a better UX I will likely switch to using it instead.

Well, that's all, folks. My brain is currently thinking about Yuri & Shoujo-Ai, so I'll be off.

Unless someone wants me to write a blog-post about my favourite yuri anime. (I will; don't tempt me)

~Adiaŭ Amikojn! ;3c

- 7 toasts