Erin Bern

Eerily Quiet Internet

It's Sunday evening; something feels aloof.

Currently, the time is 19:16.

And I'm performing my daily crawl of the inter-webs.

Data is flowing, hundreds & hundreds of terabytes are flowing.

But something is off.

Very off...

Human-to-human interaction has slowed to a crawl.

Twitter, Facebook, etc. Are still generating content of course.

Whether that content is organic or artificial has yet to be determined.


Time still moves forward.

Ultimately, the clock will strike 00:00.

And again; the cycle will begin.


Perhaps the Dead Internet Theory is true.

Perhaps we do live in a Potemkin Village.

Perhaps... we'll never know.

Many things were supposed to happen today.

Are they happening right now?

Have they happened?

Will they happen?

Who knows.

The sun has already said goodbye.

Nothing can be heard in the void.

Not even a childs' cry.

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