Erin Bern


Wew, hello again!

Long time no-see… Many things have happened.

I've finally gotten off the street & have been in an apt for 7 months or so. Ignoring 3 months as a roomie with a decent person. I have a job now at Amazon…

I'm also learning how to play the Ukulele & Native American flute! I'm slow in learning them… but, I'm managing. Furthermore, I have a seeming lack of motivation.

I've distro hopped tons since my last post. I've mostly settled on W11 & Elementary OS.

Not only that, but I'm also soon to begin working on acquiring my GED. Which I'm fairly happy about.

In response to my previous post about the crimes taken against me. I've received no extra information since then. And have stopped caring about it.

I'm slowly learning how to be a human… It's hard. But, eventually I'll get the hang of it.

I've slowed down in my acquiring of tech skills & have decided to move into music related ones. It's something I care about dearly. I'm inspired by someone I consider family & my friends. It's like rewriting my entire being from the ground up :'D

That is all for now. TTYL. =^w^=


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