Erin Bern

Painful Peanut butter

If you're anything like me, you have a house rule regarding footware.
Upon passing through the foyer; footware is forbidden by default.
Clothing too in my case. (Depends on one's comfort, lvl though.)

This usually works well, without issues.
However, a certain someone (me) purchased groceries.
And with this activity comes an inherent danger. A food danger.

Often I forget to put everything away, and it's often peanut butter jars.
This is all well and good. Except when I need to move around my flat.

Today I learnt a lesson, I learn all too often.
Peanut butter jars *HURT* a *LOT*.

I stubbed my toe on a peanut butter jar.
Now my foot hurts, and I put the jar in my cubby.
The real question is, will this happen again? Likely…
I fail to permanently learn this lesson, and constantly experience foot pain. :')

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