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Music Adventures: The Pinetones

A new band has popped up in PDX.
They've named themselves "Pinetones", a play on the words "Pine-cone" and "Tone".

My partner and I attended their first live show at the Blue Room Bar in Cartlandia.

They played many locally relevant and celtic-styled music.
One song Delivery Driver (my current favourite) was an anti-Amazon song with anti-capitalist vibes.

The band members' names are as follows:

Ericka (Violin/Fiddle), Megan (Flute/Tin Whistle), Thomas (Guitar) & Landon (Bass).

The artwork is of a musical note with a pine-cone for the note-head.
Along with the stem of the note becoming part of the letter 'h'.
The name was chosen by Thomas and art by Megan.

A fairly clever and playful name; I think.

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