Erin Bern

Opt-Out Spam Guide

This is a directory of opt-outs I use on a frequent basis.
I hope it's useful for others as well!

Applies to Usonia (USA) only.
Pop me an email if one of these links stops working.
I'll go digging for working ones in my free time, wink wink.

Postal Mail

  • Direct Mail -

Marketing, Coupons, etc.

  • OptOutPre -

Credit Offers, Banks, etc. Offers Permanent opt out via Mail

  • DMAChoice -

Costs $2 for 10 years. Also provides an email opt-out service. PA and WY do not call lists as well.

  • Valpak -

Those blue coupon envelope things.

  • Valassis -

More coupons

  • PaperKarma -

Not recommended unless one is SUPER lazy, or there's a piece of mail that seems impossible to get rid of.


  • DoNotCall -

Run by the government, works decently.


  • NAI
    • NAI (main)

Data-sharing opt-outs & so forth.

Credit & Debit Card Marketing Use these every-single-time you get a new debit or credit card, some expire… so… make sure to set reminders

PITA, you'll prolly have to call them. Also, there's different opt-outs depending on the service. Use the navigation bar up top & have fun…

  • AmericanEx -

Must have an account, there is a way to call them but the real number is super buried...