Erin Bern

Street Racing and Night-time noise

Many horrrible murders have occured due to street racing in PDX.
Here are some of them:

Within the city of Portland, OR there are many activities which occur during the moon-lit hours.

Usually there are the occasional garbage truck, MAX (Metropolitan Area Express), trailer unloading and street cleaner noises.

Most nighttime noises are benign and serve a purpose which benefits the city and the people living within it.

However, there are other noises which occur… ones which lack benefit and are a major nuisance.

Street racers, Gun-shot-like backfiring noises, Actual Gun Shots, and People Screaming into the Sky; among other noises.

My main two complaints are the first two.
Quite often, I (and others) am woken up by what sounds like a gun shot.
And on a nightly (sometimes multiple times a night) basis, I hear cars speeding down the road at break-neck speeds.

Hitting upwards of 60mph (96.56 km/h) on a 25-30mph (40-48.28 km/h) road.
Not only is this an insomnia causing event; it's highly dangerous for anyone wandering the streets.

The city rarely enforces noise ordinances. (I'm unsure if there are any at this point).
Occasionally one of these individuals crashes into a pole, another car or blows a tire.

Does law enforcement go after them?
Not to my knowledge, nor according to crime stats.

Living within this city is one of the best choices I've ever made.
I just wish I could get some sleep.

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