Erin Bern

These are the tenets I strive to follow in my life.

They are subject to change & revision.
However, the spirit of them will remain the same.

  • I. One should strive to protect Gaia and all of its inhabitants.

  • II. One should act with compassion, empathy & understanding toward all beings.

  • III. One shouldn't murder, rape, steal from, or otherwise harm beings, Gaian or otherwise.

    • III.I Unless needed to protect oneself or otherselves from mentioned harms.
  • IV. One should strive to make one's life easier & to make other's lives easier if able.

  • V. One should adopt the most scientific view of Gaia available.

    • V.I One should always take care to avoid distorting scientific facts to fit one's beliefs.
  • VI. One should pass one's words through Three Gates before speaking.(?)

    • I. At the first gate, ask oneself, “Is is true?”
    • II. At the second gate, ask, “Is it necessary?”
    • III. At the third gate, ask, “Is it kind?”
  • VII. One should not recognize any kind of authoritarian hierarchy.

  • VIII. One should recognize that there is no such thing as absolute evil, or absolute good.

    • VIII.I One should, however, attempt to be good when possible.
  • IX. One should listen to and attempt to understand the words by all before passing judgement.

  • X. One should refrain from consuming sentient beings at all costs.

    • X.I Except when absolutely necessary for survival.
  • XI. One should respect & honor those who teach. Those who share their stories. And those who craft art, music & so-forth.