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TTRPGs: Why I dislike GMs


  1. GM - Game Master
  2. DM - Dungeon Master
  3. TTRPG - Tabletop Role Playing Game

My views

Being an anarchist, anti-authoritarian & an anti-fascist; I dislike GMs.
I view GMs to be a potential danger to a campaign and the players.
I view GMs to be an unnecessary authority over a campaign.

I dislike the concept and implementation of an all-powerful individual.
I dislike someone solely controlling a game-world.

I feel a game (in any form) should be a collectively run endevor.
World creation, Character creation, Story and Quest creation.
All should be made by the individuals playing and not a GM.

A group of players should collectively agree on a game to play.
Perhaps Mausritter, DnD, Fate, etc. and find a way to remove the GM.
Quest decisions could be collectively agreed on/rolled upon by a party.

If a GM is to be used; I propose an electoral process for temporary rule.
With term limits. (Per session perhaps)

No single individual should have absolute control over a game.
Allowing so could/will lead to an abusive GM or tyrannical GM.

My History

Previous experiences I've had with GM run games have lead to discriminative/abusive/tyrannical GMs nearly every time.

DnD campaigns in ruin due to a combative GM.
Many, many, many failed campaigns due to failure of GM record keeping...
And most atrocious off all; sexist and bigoted GMs who care-not about the players.

Of the few games where I've had a positive-ish experience under a GM; I have been disenchanted by the concept of the position itself.
A position of power and control.

Being a GM

Of the games where I have been a GM myself; I have felt sickened with the position.

I cannot have fun ruling over/controlling other players or a campaign.
It feels wrong and power-hungry.

The Solution

Co-op, Solo-play and computer based GM systems.


  • This is merely based on personal experience and likely doesn't match most other people's experiences.
  • There are instances where campaigns can go well with a GM who isn't an authoritarian ass-hat.

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