Erin Bern

Zines, Zines, ZINES!

Zines are small, unique, cute pamphlets/books.
And I'm in love with them.

I've acquired a modest collection.
Some First Aid, Anarchism, Self-help & Choose-your-own-adventure ones.

There's one called 'Shit's Fucked, Still: Another Positivity Guide' by Gina Sarti from Oakland, California.

Shit's Fucked, Still: Another Positivity Guide

It's a wonderful little zine about various activities to do when going through tough-times.

And another called 'Keeping Mold & Mildew Away' by Resting Safe: A project of Right 2 Survive.

From PDX, OR.

Which is a fold-out zine with tons of info on how one can prevent mold & mildew inside their tents.

Keeping Mold & Mildew Away

If anyone enjoys short books, I recommend poking around in your city & finding where zines are!

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